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VersaTRUSS is a division of Vertical Building Group, manufacturing light gauge metal trusses, across the Southeastern U.S.  VersaTRUSS is a proprietary truss component system offering strength and versatility, supporting a variety of customers and their specific construction needs.  VersaTRUSS has developed strategic partnerships throughout the Southeast to better serve our customers and provide a complete load bearing framing system, from design, engineering, fabrication, and erection.  We look forward to serving you.

Give us a call or email to discuss your next project. 

Projects like this resort hotel in the beautiful Appalachian mountains is a great example of the strength and versatility of light gauge trusses.

With the increase in retirees, the need for retirement communities have skyrocketed; giving way to another important area where light gauge metal trusses have served the needs of many customers.

Light gauge metal trusses on structural metal stud walls is one of many bearing applications we install trusses.


Resort Hotels

Senior Living Community

Government Housing

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